Welcome Ripio Card, a new crypto card for Brazil!

Ripio Card is a prepaid card that gives cashback in cryptocurrency for every payment. This new product was launched in August 2022 in the Brazilian market and in January 2023 in Argentina. Today Ripio Card is the best product for Brazil.

The objective was to introduce a new product into the crypto industry with a strong value proposition: cashback in Bitcoin for Brazil and USDC (stablecoin) in Argentina. Both markets are different in terms of crypto value. While in Brazil Bitcoin is used for investing in Argentina stablecoins are more popular due to inflation. 

 I was in charge of leading this campaign from go-to-market strategy to budget and creative concept.  Also I coordinate communication with our partner, VISA who issued the card.

Main campaign concept: Isso vira cripto

360º campaign (digital + offline)

Agency partner: DOJO 

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